Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Doesn't everyone wish somewhere that they were a little more french? Well maybe my dad doesn't, he kind of hates the french... but hes a dude so he doesnt count :P
Anyways, I have been in love with YSL's scent Parisienne since I first smelled it in one of those fold out things in a magazine.  I would rub it all over my wrists and smell it all day..ahhh.  Well, my boyfriend decided to be awesome and got me the big bottle of Parisienne for Valentines day. For the record, that is 3oz. of beautifully smelling perfume.

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The bottle is gorgeous and elegant with light purple fluid.  
PARISIENNE, the fragrance of ultra femininity, ultra sensuality. A grand floral with a woody structure, luminous even in its mystery.

Its notes are blackberry, damask rose, and sandlewood.  I am quite suprised that I like it so much considering I am usually not a huge fan of rose but heck, its that good.

Disclaimer: this was a gift, from my bf, as stated above