Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brand Spotlight: Vincent Longo

Long long ago, back in high school (ok you caught me, so it wasn't that long ago) I worked at a Bath & Body Works flagship store.  The flagship stores were special because they carried other brands and makeup!  Among the makeup brands was Vincent Longo.  Well, also while I worked there, they decided to stop carrying said makeup (sad face), and they deeply discounted it all (not so sad face).

Well, I recently heard on everyday beauty blog that Vincent Longo's line has received new funding and will not be discontinued as previously thought.  Therefore, I decided to show you my goodies in celebration.

 My Longo collection used to be larger with eye pencil duos and the concealer but those have been used up.  This is all that remains.

First, I will start with the eyeshadows.  I own two different formulations: a wet diamond eyeshadow and a  one two three trio shadow.  

The diamond shadow I have is in shade capucine, which is the left most swatch on my arm, and is a chocolate brown with fine silver glitter.  It is crazy pigmented when used dry and even more intense when used wet (sorry I didn't include a wet swatch here).  These are my favorite of the eyeshadow formulations I have tried and blend amazingly.  It seems capucine is no longer available on the Vincent Longo website.  Hopefully it will be brought back with the revamp.

The one two three trio I own in called Untitled III and is the top 3 swatches on my arm.  The colors include a shimmery silvered taupe, shimmery light pink and satin finish medium brown.  The pigmentation isn't as intense as the Diamond shadow but is nice for a lighter look.  My mother own quite a few more of the trios including sex lux pax trios and sun moon stars trios.  I will swatch those for you next time I am home (along with the rest of her Longo collection which is significantly larger than mine).  Untitled III is still available on the Vincent Longo website for $30. 

Here is one more photo of the shadow swatches for good measure.

Next up are the lip glosses.  I own 4 glosses: 2 virgin-luxe, 1 perfect shine and 1 diamond.

The bottom most swatch is the first virgin-luxe gloss in Apollo Gold (no longer available on the site).  It imparts the most beautiful multitonal gold color on my lips.  Shimmers include green toned and pink toned, as well as the obvious gold base.  It isn't as pigmented as the others but it holds its own.  I find it to be relatively non sticky and decent lasting for a gloss. 

The second from the top is the second virgin-luxe in  Touch Down.  This one has a rusty coppery red base with gold shimmer.  Like Apollo gold, it is one of the lesser pigmented glosses (and is also not available on the Longo site).

Farthest left is the Perfect Shine gloss in Verosa.  It is a medium pigmented fuscia with purple shimmer.  It is also non sticky with average wear time.  Verosa, unfortunately, is also no longer available.

The last gloss, second from the right, is the Diamond gloss in Via Veneto.  (In case you haven't noticed, the glosses are in the same order in all the photos).  This is the most pigmented of the bunch with a coral base and silver shimmer. This gloss could almost double as a liquid lipstick but still maintains that gloss feel.  Sadly, also no longer available on the site.  I hope they bring these colors back!!

I have owned several of the lipsticks as well, all with fabulous formulas.  The baby balms are sheer and balm like but have a tendency to break at the base.  The Velvet riche are pigmented and cushy.  The wet pearl are shimmery bordering and frosty and comfortable on the lips.

My mother owns and loves the tinted moisturizer.  Other Longo product reviews and swatches can be found here.

Have you owned an loved any Vincent Longo products?

**update. Vincent longo can also be found on the Space NK site and CVS beauty 360.  They have capucine diamond shadow but sadly don't have the glosses featured either.