Friday, June 10, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute GWP

Neiman Marcus currently has the Camp Gorgeous event going.  In honor of this event, Le Metier de Beaute has a gift with purchase lip palette (it's marketed as lip and cheek but I think the "cheek" shade is far too sticky).  The palette is petite poudrier paradis. 

This palette is available with $125 purchase.  Neimans also has a gift with purchase tote containing samples for $85 (I passed on it. I have too many totes).  
 Here is the palette swatched.  I went in at night time so I had to take the photos inside the store, which is why they are rather sub par.  The swatches from L-R are the large pan, top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right in the palette.  

The Camp Gorgeous even ends Sunday but this palette is available while supplies last.  Also, if you are in the Dallas area, Karlasugar has a special Le Metier lip gloss named after her that they are giving away as a gift with purchase for $100.  This promotion, however, is only available at Neiman Marcus Northpark.