Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Color: Nail Polishes

I have been inspired by Makeup Magpie   to feature some of my Summer colored makeup and such.  Today, I bring you my Summer colored nail polishes.  Of course, there aren't really any rules as to when you can and can't wear certain colors, so these are just colors I deem summery.
This photo shows pinks, corals and orangey colors.  Some are long discontinued but many are still readily available.  Be sure to click the photo to see the names and the details of the colors.  The coral from Le Metier de Beaute's Kens Korals should be on this wheel as well, but I took these pictures before I bought that polish.  I will do a comparison post between it and some of the other corals mentioned here sometime soon.

Here are the blue colors.  I decided to photograph my whole blue wheel for you all but the bottom and left side are more summery than the top and right in my opinion.  Blue has always been one of my favorite polish colors and I pared down quite a bit to get them to be only one wheel *pats self on back*.

These are my sand colors.  I am most lacking in colors such a these and other sand colors.  I just to despise neutral colors but have grown to love them as I have gotten a bit older.  Zoya Jules is the most recent acquisition (from my Birchbox) and is absolutely lovely. 

Hope you find some new fun colors here for summer.  I will probably do a neon and brights post as well, so stay tuned for that one. 

What is/are your favorite summer nail polish colors?