Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge

Actual conversation between my mother and me.
Mom: So you should blog about that tinted moisturizer stuff from Le Metier. Its like 5 products in one! (for the record, I'm not sure what this amazing 5th product is, I can only come up with 4)
Me: Why didn't you buy it then?
Mom: Well, its $125!
Me: You don't think you pay more than that for said "5" products it replaces?

What are the four products this can replace?  Treatment, tint, sunscreen and luminizer.  If you don't have dry skin, it can probably also replace a moisturizer (ok maybe my mom was right).  When I trailed it, I used it as a sunscreen, luminizer and moisturizer.  Instead of a tint, I used it as a base for my foundation because it doesn't have quite enough coverage for me.  It acts as something between a tinted moisturizer and a light foundation.  Given my acne scarring, I need something medium to heavy coverage.

The shade shown above is shade 1, the newest and palest shade.  There are two other shades, 2 and 3.  Two is for light to medium and has more visible luminizing properties than shade 1.  Shade 3 is for medium to dark skins.

This product has spf 20 and retinol in the form of a syntoc actif solution that is exclusive to Le Metier de Beaute.  This formulation is supposed to release the retinol in a more efficient, time release type manner.  ** reliable sources have told me that Le Metier will be releasing a skincare line this fall which will most likely be centered around this technology.
Here is another swatch of shade 1 for you.

Overall, I liked this product. It made my face look really bright and worked nicely as a primer.  It caused my to purge for about 2 weeks (this will only happen if you have the acne bacteria in your skin already).  However, it didn't clear up my skin which makes it just a bit too pricey as a primer for me.  I think this would work well for people with the occasional breakout, dark spots needing clearing or wrinkles but nothing that needs more drastic coverage.

Have you tried Peau Vierge?  What are your thoughts?