Thursday, June 9, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Makeover by Erin, Trainer/artist

I am so excited because I got the meet the lovely Erin, trainer and artist for Le Metier de Beaute today!  Erin was absolutely gorgeous and such a sweetheart.  She did my makeup (using a kaleidoscope that Danielle put together using an empty kaleidoscope palette) and shared some fun tips with me.

First off, here is the look Erin created. (disclaimer: I am currently testing Peau Vierge which is causing my skin to purge which means I am breaking out somewhat badly.  If this is off putting to you, please do not continue reading)

Well, that was a lot of picture of my mug.

What she used:
Peau Vierge shade 2
Foundation shade 3
Concealer (I'm usually shade 5 but I didn't pay attention here)
Loose powder
Poppy creme tint (this was applied with the kabuki, she put some poppy in her hand, swirled the kabuki in it and patted it onto the apples of my cheeks)
Bronzer in sun kissed

Eyes: (Here is where she used the kaleidoscope Danielle put together)
Champagne pencil as base
Innocence (1st layer, she applied all the shadows using the flat liner brush, applied using the side and a patting motion)
Plum(2nd layer)
Corintian(3rd layer)
Spicy(a small amount dotted on top of all of them)
*She used the Couch de Colours technique that I have described before which is basically just layering of the colors. 
Revive eye brightening and setting powder (in the crease)
Refresh eye brightening and setting powder (on the brow bone)
Noir liquid liner (on the upper lash line and  tapped underneath the top lashes to tightline)
Noir eyeshadow(in the outer corner, along the top and bottom lash line)
Aubergine mascara

Les Artiste palette (layered bottom to top applied with the lip brush)
*she showed me a tip for applying the palettes on the go.  Apply a small blob of each of the colors next to each other on the hand and run the brush through all the colors to mix them and to get them on the brush.  Then, close the brush in its container and take it with you.  This way, you don't have to take the whole palette.

I had an excellent time hanging out and talking shop with Erin and Danielle today!  Now, if only I had somewhere fun to wear this makeup.
And I leave you with pictures of Danielle's favorite colors kaleidoscope

The colors are (top to bottom) innocence, plum, spicy, corinthian.

*swatches of the eye shadows can be found here