Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Stuff You Can't Have

Giorgio Armani Le Femme Bleue pencil in black 

Armani is quite evil.  They have come out with the formula twice now, Spring 10 and Spring 11, but they refuse to make it permanent.  Each time it sells out quickly because, well, it's amazing.  I have a back up of the black, but wasn't able to snag the brown one this year (hopefully next year).

This pencil is so smooth that it could be compared to a gel liner.  It glides on super easy and stays put like nobody's business once it sets.  This is the longest lasting liner I have ever used on my waterline.  The color is very black with almost blue undertones and no shimmer.

Sorry for the sub par photo but it accurately shows the color.  There isn't too much more I can say about this (I mean its an eyeliner), but I am shaking my fist at the folks over at Armani who just won't make this permanent.

Question of the day

Do you have a pet? If so, species, name, etc. 

These are my babies.  Halo at the top is a rat terrier and Maverick (who is hiding in a sleeping bag) was my first foster dog.  I think hes a chihuahua/ weiner dog mixture.