Saturday, August 28, 2010

20 Days of Tinted Moisturizers: Day 8

Today I'm going to talk about Giorgio Armani Face Fabric.  I love Giorgio Armani cosmetics.  I think that if someone told me my life depended on me picking and sticking to only one makeup brand, it would definitely be Armani.

Face Fabric is their tinted moisturizer.  However, I wouldn't really call it moisturizing.  It is a silicone type product.  The feel reminds me of a less greasy Smashbox primer.  It comes in a large array of shades but doesn't go very light.  I was matched to number 3 which was much too dark for me when I was originally matched but would probably be fine now that I am tanned.  The sales associate gave me a sample in a cute little pot with the Armani logo on the cap.
The swatch on the left is to show the texture and color.  The swatch isn't runny because the product isn't liquidy at all.  The swatch on the right is to show how it blends out.  You can see that Face fabric doesn't have very much coverage.  It barely dulled the vein in my arm.  It definitely doesn't have enough coverage for me as I have acne as well as acne scarring.

This product has no detectable scent which is very nice for those sensitive to highly scented products.  The siliconey texture means its easy to spread and blends like a dream. It also has an spf of 12, but at $48, this isn't cheap.  There is also another face fabric formulation called face fabric radiance.  However, it only comes in 3 shades.

Overall, face fabric is a nice product for someone just looking to even out their skintone.  The silicone didn't break me out, but I do know alot of people that are sensitive to it.