Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shu Uemura Lollishine Reflects in 922

Since i reviewed 353 yesterday, I thought I would continue on with 922 today.  I mentioned before that there are 2 formulations of lollishine lipsticks, rouge and reflects.  353 was a rouge and today's 922 is a reflects.  I honestly don't notice much of a difference.

Both are very shiny and hydrating.  Both offer sheerer color and shimmer.  Strawberrynet describes the reflects as all having kaleidoscope shimmer which I suppose may be the difference since 353 has silver shimmer.  

Either way, this is a lovely lipstick that is perfect for a more nude lip without taking all the color out.  I'm not so fond of the concealer lips look, so I prefer this.

What is your favorite nude lipstick? Do you like the concealered lips look?

Disclaimer: I received this lipstick in a swap on makeupalley.