Monday, August 30, 2010

Why it's Important to Wash Your Brushes

I am definitely guilty of this.  You get very busy and forget to wash your brushes, sometimes for weeks.  Well, this is pretty bad, not only because your tainting the colors of the products you putting on, but because you are allowing your brushes to get very dirty, which just breeds bacteria.

  For those of us with sensitive and/or breakout prone skin, it is especially important to keep your brushes clean.  When you use your concealer brush to cover a blemish, and then go and use it to cover some redness, you could be spreading that acne bacteria to that other portion of your face.  I keep a brush cleaner spritzer made by ecotools with my brushes so that I can clean my face brushes each time they are used.  

  However, it is still important to deep clean your brushes, ideally every week.  It really is pretty easy.  Just wet the brush thoroughly, squirt your preferred soap in your hand (I have used baby shampoo and Bath and Body works foaming hand wash), and swirl the brush in the soap making sure the soap gets all up in there.  Then, you just rinse it clean, blot it with a towel and let it dry either bristles up in a cup or bristles hanging over the edge of your counter as I did above.  It takes about a night for them to dry, so if you wash them before you go to bed, you will have clean, dry brushes in the morning. 

  I hope this helped some of you out.  Happy washing!