Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Fun Limited Edition/ Discontinued Products Part 2

The evil is continuing.

First up is Trish McEvoy Petite Simply Chic palette.
Here are swatches of the lip products.  There are really nice but kind of sheer.  I like that in them as they are a little too brown for my taste.
The bottom level is powder products.  I really like that Trish separated the powder from the cream products.  This could be used as eyeshadows but I prefer to use it as a blush/bronzer thing.
Lovely isn't it?

This is Laura Mercier eye book.  I believe it is from Winter 2008.

I swapped for this baby and I really like it.  Its perfect for a nice neutral eye but can be used for a night out too.  And yes, the center shade is a taupe, called topaz, and is find in the permanent line.

Yay! More Laura Mercier.
This little beauty is eye mosaic in Mediterranean Sea.  I swapped for this too and I'm happy I did.  Its a really nice palette for summer.
These aren't terribly pigmented, but I find that to be typical of Lauras eyeshadows.
The bottom shade in these swatches is light but it makes the perfect highlight and inner corner shade.

Well, that ends the evil.  I hope you got as much sick pleasure as I did.

Disclaimer:  I actually swapped for all these products.