Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Fun Limited Edition/ Discontinued Products

I am feeling especially evil today.  Therefore, I am going to show you some stuff you can't have.  Well, you can try to swap for them or find them on ebay, but they are not readily available. Here we go...

This is NYC Chroma face glow in sunstone.  This is beautiful.  It is my absolute favorite blush for summer.  I think it was supposed to be like a MAC MSF, but I'm not a huge MAC fan.  I got this instead, and I'm happy I did. 
So lovely, peachy and bronzey.

Now we have a lovely Guerlain product. Guerlain makes some really nice limited edition products.  I do not have very much Guerlain at the moment, but I hope to expand my collection as this is really nice.
 Any idea what it is yet?
Its Perles Des Mers eyeshadow Palette from Summer 08.  This may actually still be pretty available.  I purchased it from Strawberrynet early in the year.  Ok, it's not there anymore. Just kidding guys :)
Oo look at that. Just my kind of palette. I'm such a sucker for blues and sand colors.
It has Guerlain's signature interlocking G's.  Yep, That bottom right color is a taupe.

Here is a swatch of the colors. Said taupe in third from the right.
Just one more for ya. 

I have more of these delicious products that you can't have, but I'm going to save the rest for tomorrow.

Disclaimer:  I bought all of these products with my own money.