Monday, August 9, 2010

Paul and Joe Lipstick 041

Well, it seems I have been posting about a lot of lippies lately.  Although, my blog is called lovesong for my lipgloss so I guess it's ok. Ok, this isn't a lipgloss.  It's a lipstick.  But I'm just so excited that I have finally found some lipstick that are moisturizing enough for me to tolerate, maybe even like!

Today I am reviewing Paul and Joe lipstick 041.  I really wanted to try some P&J so I sent out lots and lots of swap requests and ended up with this one.
When I first opened it I thought, O no, this one is definitely going back up for swap.  It is a very weird looking color in the tube.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
It looks purpley brown shot through with a whole lot of green microshimmer.
I mean, what is this supposed to be, some kind of deranged 90s meets Halloween lipstick?  Well, being the adventuresome person that I am I thought, what the heck, I'll just put it on.  Much to my surprise, it was actually really pretty.  The green shimmer doesnt really translate on my lips.
Just look at that.  It's like magic!  It turns into a kind of bronzy mauve on my lips.  Its a gorgeous color that will take me from summer straight into fall.

Not only is the color to die for, but the formula is amazing too.  Light and very moisturizing.  It doesn't have as much slip or as much gloss as the shu lollishines but it isn't matte either.

Unfortunately, 041 was a limited edition shade and is no longer available.  (I know, I'm being so evil lately).  If anyone knows where you can still find this, please post it in the comments.