Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clinique Youth Surge SPF 15

I love mini sized things.  I decided that it was too much of a pain to lug all my beautifying products over to my boyfriends everytime I stay there, so I just test out all the minis there.  I received a mini size of Cliniques Youth Surge Spf 15 as an extra in a swap with a lover MUAer.  It is the dry combo formula, and of course, it has taken up residence at the boyfriends.
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I use this morning and night when I am there.  Yes, I am aware that I am not supposed to use spf at night, but my skin doesn't seem to mind.  I am only 20, so I cannot comment on the anti aging power of this product. I liked the texture.  It was quite light and soaked in pretty quickly which I find to be rare in products with spf.  It keeps my normal skin adequately hydrated without breaking me out.  I expected that since it is for anti aging that it would turn me into a greaseball, but that was not the case. 

Verdict:  Nice moisturizer for those with normal skin.  I speculate that it may be too heavy for combo skinned folks. 

Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample in a swap