Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nordstrom.com Welcomes Chantecaille!

I do not know whether to do a happy dance to hide my wallet because Nordstrom.com has officially added Chantecaille to the list of brands that it carries.  I do not know yet when it will be available in the stores or which stores it will appear in, but this is awesome news for beauty junkies everywhere!!!
Here are some items that I found intriguing while browsing:
image from Nordstrom.com

This is the palette d'olivia.  It contains 7 eye shades(Perle, Granite, Quartz, Obsidian, Tanzanite, Peony, and Zinc) and one cheek shade(Joy) and retails for $135.  Holy moly.  Looks like I will not be indulging in this one anytime soon.  Too bad since I really like the looks of it. 

image from Nordstrom.com
This is the Les Sorbets lip gloss palette.  It contains 5 lipglosses (Nectar, Guava, Amaretto, Mandarine and Bellini).  This looks like it would be an awesome palette for summer and retails at $69.  Thankfully, I'm not really a fan of lip palettes so I'm not tempted by it.