Monday, March 1, 2010

February Favorites

Now that it is March, I decided to do my February favorites.  They are just items that got alot of love this month. I have a new add from January, I took a picture of all the items! So, hopefully this one will be more exciting :)

1. Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion- Mine says dry, sensitive skin treatment.  I do not know for sure if all of them are this way as I took this one from my moms house, well, she gave it to me.  Its a really nice medium weight lotion.  It is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, so I use it for both my face and my body.  I like it mostly for my face as I have psoriasis which makes my skin really dry.  This lotion is great for morning and night, though i would recommend using a sunscreen also during the day.
2. Idole d'Armani- I included this one in January's favorites so I wont bore you with any more words on it.  I did acquire a lovely roller ball size now from my friend Maegan! 
3. Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick in Reve D'or- I got this lipstick in a swap with a lovely Muaer.  Before any of my non muaer readers get grossed out, lipstick is really easy to sanitize.  You simply cut off the top and/or dip it in rubbing alcohol.  The case is so beautiful, a lovely shiny gold with a block-like shape.  It does have great staying power, so I dont have to reapply too often.  Even if I did, I would mind since its so lovely.  I'm such a sucker for pretty makeup packaging.  It is not the most moisturizing formula I own, but it isn't drying either.  The color is peachy-red with gold shimmer. As most guerlain products i've tried to date, this one has the signature lavendary scent.  I'm not really a fan as it reminds me of really old powder, but its gone within 15 minutes.  

4. Laura Mercier Eye Kohl in Brown Copper- This is another one that was in January, so here are the pictures. 
5. Becca Doeskin eye shadow-  This was from my haul that I posted about earlier.  It is such a great neutral light brown with just a hint of shimmer.  I intern at a hospital, so I find myself using this almost every time I go in.  I usually pair it with the laura mercier eye kohl from above.  The formula is really silky and goes on smooth.  It is quite soft though, so there is kind of alot of powder loss with each application.  
6. Guerlain meteorites in Beige chic-  I got these in a swap also.  They are the mini size which I figured was fine because it seems like they take forever to use up.  The container is plastic and it contains little powder balls in tones of peach, brown, beige, gold and white.  They blend to be the perfect color for me and impart just a little glow.  These, again, have the signature Guerlain scent.  I find the coverage to be fairly sheer and the finish to be not at all powdery.  
7. Too Faced bronzer in Snow Bunny-  I got this in a palette from sephora.  I decided the palette was a hastle, so I depotted it which left it a little cracked.  As you will see from the picture, this thing is well loved.  I use it if I want just a little bronze and shimmer on my cheeks.  Its too light to be an actual brozer for me, but I could see it working really well for fairer people(I'm about NC20 in mac for reference).  
8. Lavender Nail polish- I have 2: OPI done out in deco and Orly cashmere cardigan.  Both are creme meaning they contain no shimmer.  I prefer the formula of the OPI to the formula of the Orly(I described my qualms with Orly in an earlier post), but I have the OPI in a mini bottle making it a little harder to apply than it would be if it were full sized.  Cashmere cardigan is darker and more blue than Done out in deco which is dustier.  Both are really pretty and perfect for spring. (I bought the Orly and swapped for the OPI)
9. Crystal Nail File-  These things are the greatest nail files out there.  They file really well and don't tear up your nails like the old brown ones.  Some claim they stop nails from peeling, but my nails are genetically awful making it hard for me to speak to that. I got this one at the street fair in Palm desert, but Essie has one that people seem to like alot. 

10. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara-  I like this stuff almost as much as I like Armani's eyes to kill.  It lengthens well and thickens nicely but can be a teensy bit clumpy.  I have only ever used the trial size.  I bought several off ebay for rather cheap.  At about $10 less than the Armani, I would recommend this as a cheaper alternative.  
In case anyone is wondering, I am wearing Color Club Wild Child nail polish in the pictures where I have polish on.