Friday, March 26, 2010

Everyday Minerals Multi-tasking Concealer

Multi-tasking is describes as the perfect color for fair to light complexions which means that this will most likely be too light for me in the very near future.  I tend to morph more into my italian self during the summer where as I am more of my eastern european self during the winter.  

Let me just start out saying that I love this concealer.  At the moment, it matches me very well.  I only use it on blemishes and redness as its a little too dry for my under eye area.  I pat it on with my bare escentuals medium concealer brush.  I actually really like powder concealers.  I find them to be the least cakey.  I usually just apply my powder foundation with the BE concealer brush but this works awesome too.  It lasts decently long as I tend to sweat like a pig.  Well actually, not like a pig since technically pigs don't sweat, but anyways...  

Overall: I would highly recommend this.  It's pretty cheap too!  It costs only $8 for the big size.  

Rating: A-

Disclaimer: I got this product as a free sample from a program that everyday minerals no longer has.  I paid the shipping for the samples.