Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Moms Eyeliner Collection

Continuing on with my mother's makeup collection, here are her eyeliners. My mom loves eyeliners.  She has tons and tons, all pencil. 

Here they are in sunlight:
L-R: Vinvent Longo duo eye pencil in aqua teal and cobalt(first 2 swatches), Tony and Tina herbal glitter pencil in blue/silver, Avon glimmersticks in blackest black, NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in gold, Prestige waterproof in payday, Bodyography supernaturals in plumnoir, Mary Kay signature in violet, Mary Kay eye coloring crayon in charming, Wet N Wild kohl in black,Vincent Longo duo eye pencil in Sabine and mystic, Almay eyeliner in purple amethyst, Avon glimmersticks in starry night blue, Prestige eyeliner in denim, Avon glimmersticks in dark brown, Mary kay signature in indigo

For the sake of not repeating, we'll go R-L here and stop where the other picture left off: Tony and Tina herbal glitter pencil in black/silver, Make Up Forever in 3L, NYC waterproof in dark brown. (the rest goes to the bodyography pencil.

Here are the liners in shade
This one starts at the beginning and ends at the Prestige in denim

This one starts at Prestige in payday and ends with Tony and Tina in black/silver

Disclaimer: These are all owned by my mother.  I'm pretty sure she either bought or received them all as gifts.