Monday, March 29, 2010

My Nail Care Routine

I decided that since I have done so many nail polish posts I should blog about my routine. I am not going to talk about cuticle cream or hand lotion here because I use whatever is laying around for those 2 things.

These are the removers I have been using.  The one on the left is Beauty Secrets and its from Sallys Beauty Supply.  This bottle is originally $1.99.  It works well but I was suspecting that acetone may be making my nails peel so I have been testing the Zoya Remove+ on my hands and reserving this one for my tootsies. The Zoya is on the right and costs $10 for 8fl. oz., significantly more expensive than the Beauty Secrets.  I will do a full review on it once I finish testing it.

These are all the various treatments I use.  From Left to right: Barielle restorative nail serum and nail rebuilding protein, Nail Life nail revitalizer, Orly bonder.
The Barielles I use on my finger nails.  The serum is supposed to help clean the bed so polish sticks better. I like it quite a bit and feel at has helped my peeling some.  I am not super happy with the rebuilding protein.  It is supposed to be specifically for peeling nails and I dont think its helping at all.  It also doesnt hold polish very well. Both of those were purchased at Marshalls.
The nail life revitalizer was bought for my finger nails but didnt work for the peelies.  Now, I use it on my toes.  I got it at Sallys based on good recommendations, so maybe it will work for you even though it didnt work for me.  Bonder is used on my toes over the Nail Life to keep the polish on longer.  I really love this stuff. I used to use it on my fingers until I thought maybe the formaldehyde was causing the peelies.  It really does hold the polish on really long though and I highly recommend it.  I purchased it at Sallys.

I use Poshe as my topcoat.  I am so in love with it (and yes, maybe I will marry it).  I have been using Poshe for about 5 years now.   It is a quick dry top coat that dries in about a minute!! which is good for me since thats about the length of time that I am able to sit still.  I bought my current bottle at Sallys but it can also be found at Ulta. 

Well, there you go.  If anyone has any reccs for treatments for the horrible peelies or good hand creams, I am always open to suggestions! Just leave it in the comments.